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General Hiring Terms

Minimum hiring period is considered as the one day rental. Time of return is equal to delivery time of the date out day. (If the customer prefers to deliver the car in his place, then he have to return it until 07:00 am of the last day rental.) Returns or delays over (3) hour than register, are charged as an extra day.

Renter is responsible since the time of picking up the vehicle and up to time of returning it and handing the keys in a representative of PANELIN, for any fines traffic tickets and attached administration penalties for which is obliged to pay them by himself and deliver to the company a valid copy of payment, otherwise charges of the above plus expenses of 15,00 ? should be estimated by the company at the time of being announced either by the renter himself upon return.

Renter is responsible for inspecting the vehicle (interior and exterior), indicating any damages or scratches to PANELIN?s representative and filling up the appropriate Table Of Condition in the front page, and have to return the vehicle in the same condition.

Insurance covers included in rental rate, are the following:

  • Death and body injuries of persons not riding in or upon the renter?s vehicle.
  • Material damages inflicted on property which is not stored in or upon the renter?s vehicle.

In any case of accident or damage and under any insurance cover, representative of PANELIN must be informed immediately.

Renter can reduce his liability for damages on his vehicle up to the amount of 300,00 ? (or depending on the vehicle group up to max. 1,500 ?) accepting in writing the terms and condition of C.D.W (Collision Damages Waiver) in advance.

C.D.W (Collision Damages Waiver) is not valid, even if it has been agreed and undersigned, under the following conditions:

  1. Participating in any kind of rallying or towing
  2. Loading vehicle in excess of its capacity, specified by the vehicle manufacturer
  3. Unilateral acquiescence from the renter?s side, in case of an accident, without informing oat once PANELIN asking for their presence in accident.
  4. Operation of the vehicle from any third party (even holder of a driving license), not registered in the front page, independently with his relation to the renter.
  5. Operation of the vehicle, over the agreed date and time written on the front page of this contract.
  6. Operation of the vehicle, when renter is under alcohol or any drugs influence.
  7. Operation of the vehicle against the Greek Traffic Law or in any way, which poses vehicle or passengers or any third parties in danger.
  8. Operation of the vehicle in non asphalt or passable roads
  9. Operation of the vehicle for any transferring, persons or materials, under freight
  10. Operation of the vehicle for any action described as illegal of criminal against the Greek Law.
  11. Operation of the vehicle for driving lessons to third parties.

Definitely are excluded from С.D.W any damages or losses on tires, wheel covers or rims, windshields and side windows, sound systems (RCD, DVD) antennas, instruments as the below part of vehicle unless are ccaused in continuation of an accident. Also, interior is not covered by any insurance (burnt, torn or dirty upholstery)

Interior cleaning in case or dirt, mud, foods or pets is charged at min. 60.00?

In case of repair any damage, the vehicle should be repaired only at authorized repair station by PANELIN. It?s prohibited any other repair stations recommended by the renter except the official one in Greece by the vehicle?s manufacturer, assuming the working days of repair charged to the renter. Renter is surcharged with local tax 24%.

Fuel quantity is always marked on the agreement contract at the time of delivering the vehicle and upon return should be at the same level. Less quantity raise charges equal to consumed quantity of the specific vehicle, than the one delivered plus refueling service of 3.00? .Non used fuel can never generate a refund obligation except of compensation in a future rental.

Deliveries or pick ups are operated free of charge of charge at the International airport MACEDONIA, at the Railway station and the harbor of Thessaloniki.

Vehicles can be delivered of dropped off outside the city at a rate of 0.35?/km for Groups B, C, D and 0.45?/km for the rest Groups.

The above rates are surcharged by V.A.T. 24%.

In case of any mechanical failure or Road assistance, renter can communicate within 24 hours a day. Road assistance is not provided in islands, since has not been stated in advance by the renter, considered as responsible for repatriation of the vehicle by his own expenses.

Ferrying the vehicle is permitted only under written authorization of PANELIN otherwise renter is considered as fully responsible for any damage caused at sea, even if C.D.W. has been agreed.

Driving outside of Greek territory is only permitted if company authorizes it, in writing and under issuing a "Green Card" for Insurance coverage.